The treasures of a sustainable and socially aware world through the eyes of a Danish Global Citizen

SusDane is a provider of stories about sustainability and social awareness for people with an infinite interest in different cultures, what makes society tick and how trust and understanding can be created between people in a globalised world.

Hello there!

I am a freelance journalist and consultant with a passion for revealing the treasures of a sustainable and socially aware world.  I write for Sublime Magazine, Eluxe Magazine, Positive News, Queen of Retreats and various  other publications.

My aim is to ignite your inner curiosity and bring you on a journey to explore what this wonderful planet has to offer. 

I am a Dane who flew the nest early on. Since then I have lived in a number of countries and consider myself a global citizen and extremely slow traveller. 

Right now I'm based in London where I split my time between freelance consultancy and writing.

I'm available for freelance writing, social media consultancy, Danish-English translation, editing and guest blogging and you can contact me at katrine.carstens (at)

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